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Photo: Aero has cracked a logistical nut. 22 trucks with aircraft, accessories, and leading edges headed to customers

Vodochody, 10 April 2024 – Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero has made an extraordinary loading of 22 trucks with L-39NG aircraft and other relevant equipment for its customers. The unusual transport event was highlighted by the loading of already produced leading edges for the Airbus A220. This was a complex logistical operation that required careful coordination and planning.

“The delivery of the L-39NG aircraft to the customer is a comprehensive service that includes the aircraft itself, including ground training equipment, spare parts, and other equipment and accessories, as well as a package of services for pilot and ground staff training with familiarization and test flights. The customer thus receives a set of theoretical and practical training for each order,” explains Viktor Sotona, Chairman and CEO of Aero: “Before the aircraft is shipped, a team from the customer, including pilots, will come to Vodochody, where they will test fly the aircraft under the supervision of our factory pilot.”

The logistically demanding loading had to be prepared, loaded, and coordinated in Aero within a few days. In addition to the aircraft, which are usually transported in a disassembled state, this shipment also contained a set of spare parts and ground equipment weighing dozens of tons, such as various trolleys, chocks, tarpaulins, etc. Before transport to the customer, each aircraft has to be dismantled, which takes about one week. The machine is disassembled and stored in specially made iron transport cages, one containing the fuselage, another the wings, a third the tail section, and the last the elevators.

The readiness and planning capacity of Aero’s logistics department was further highlighted by the simultaneous loading of the leading edges, which are being produced at the Vodochody plant for the A220 civil aircraft. The transport of the leading edge is itself very demanding, as this important part of the aircraft measures 17 meters. The semi-trailer of the truck must also be adapted to this. On average, two sets of leading edges leave the gates of the Czech manufacturer Aero every week. In the first quarter, 25 leading edges were delivered to customers.

The L-39NG delivery also includes a ground simulation training system, which is essential for the customer’s air force training process. The system consists of a flight simulator which, in its highest version, simulates all elements of flight including the behavior of the aircraft under various flight conditions. In some cases, the customer requires the equipment of an entire classroom for training pilots and mechanics.

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