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Aero Vodochody has a new shareholder

23.6.2022 | The new majority shareholder of AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. (Aero) is SI 13 Aero Zrt., a company registered in Hungary. The minority share continues to be owned by the Czech company OMNIPOL a.s. Full article


Aircraft from the Czech Republic, with Albatros headlining, celebrate 95 years on the silver screen

16.6.2022 | Czech aircraft from AERO Vodochody, among the oldest airlines in the world, have also had a rich and colourful “film career” spanning the last 95 years. Its aircraft Aero A-11 was cast in its first… Full article


Aero Vodochody signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation with Brazilian company Embraer

7.6.2022 | A memorandum was signed between representatives from Aero and Embraer, which strengthens the cooperation between the two entities. Aero has been producing significant parts of the C-390 aircraft… Full article

Map of international customers up to now

  • 13,000,000 flight hours
  • 60 military operators
  • 11,000 aircrafts
  • 15 demo teams
  • All climatic conditions

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Know-how is not omnipresent. It is concentrated in talented people. Know-how results from long-term pro-growth care, commitment to fulfiling demanding tasks and benefiting of acquired experience.

In Aero I hold the position of head of design organisation and my parallel function is a director of operations. "

Miloš Trnobranský

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