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Aero started to use its own firing range for aircraft cannons

7.3.2023 | Aero has been granted permission to operate its tunnel firing range to test aerial guns and ammunition. The firing range, which is located on the company's premises in Vodochody, will be used mainly… Full article


Aero launched a new production line for the L-39NG aircraft

23.2.2023 | Aero, a traditional Czech jet aircraft manufacturer, has launched a new production line for the new L-39NG trainer aircraft. The output of the assembly line is the aircraft fuselage, its production… Full article


The last L-159 flew from Aero to Iraq

15.2.2023 | An L-159 aircraft has left Aero for Iraq after undergoing an overhaul under the Iraqi L-159 after-sales support contract. The aircraft joins 11 other L-159s flown from Aero to Iraq between 2015 and… Full article

Map of international customers up to now

  • 13,000,000 flight hours
  • 60 military operators
  • 11,000 aircrafts
  • 15 demo teams
  • All climatic conditions

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Know-how is not omnipresent. It is concentrated in talented people. Know-how results from long-term pro-growth care, commitment to fulfiling demanding tasks and benefiting of acquired experience.

I have been working for Aero since 1986. Recently I am a head of department focused on cooperation program assembly. "

Martin Hampl

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