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Brand new L-39NG


L-39NG Sliač 2021

Slovak Air Force pilots flew the new L-39NG jet trainer

21.4.2021 | The new jet trainer L-39NG from the Czech aircraft manufacturer AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE visited this week the Sliač Air Base in Slovakia to complete several flights with a mixed Czech-Slovak crew.… Full article


Aero Vodochody delivered the 200th set of FLEs for the Airbus A220

31.3.2021 | At the end of March 2021, Aero Vodochody delivered to its customer the 200th set of fixed leading edges for the Airbus A220. Serial production of 17-meter assembly was launched in 2014, Aero… Full article

L-39NG Kouba

The fatigue test confirms significantly longer lifespan of the L-39NG

25.3.2021 | Another phase of the fatigue test of the new L-39NG jet aircraft from the Czech manufacturer Aero Vodochody was successfully completed at the Czech Aerospace Research Centre in Prague (VZLÚ). The… Full article

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  • 13,000,000 flight hours
  • 60 military operators
  • 11,000 aircrafts
  • 15 demo teams
  • All climatic conditions

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Know-how is not omnipresent. It is concentrated in talented people. Know-how results from long-term pro-growth care, commitment to fulfiling demanding tasks and benefiting of acquired experience.

In Aero I hold the position of head of design organisation and my parallel function is a director of operations. "

Miloš Trnobranský

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