A combat proven, light, agile and well equipped aircraft with high survivability is capable of fulfilling multiple roles in an efficient way.

L-159 Alca

  • Advanced – best performance in its class, capabilities comparable to latest generation advanced multirole fighters.
  • Lethal – capability to fulfill various roles (training, Air-to-Ground mission, Air Patroll Reconnaissance, Slow target interception)
  • Combat proven – performs service for its current and former users (Czech Army, Iraq, Draken International, Hungary)
  • Affordable- spectrum of support services including overhauls
  • Single and two-seat training and combat versions of the aircraft)






  • Extended hull and multi-purpose pulse Doppler radar
  • Up to 7 hanging points
  • Ability to land/take off from unpaved surfaces
  • Lifetime up to 8 000 FH


  • Transparent display (HUD), HOTAS and MFD multi-purpose colour displays
  • On-board oxygen generators (OBOGS), nitrogen generators (OBIGGS) and auxiliary power unit (APU)
  • Avionics system integrated with MIL-STD-1553B compliant bus


  • Precise and autonomous navigation system with Inertial Navigation System (INS) and GPS satellite navigation systém
  • Easy maintenance
  • Power unit F124-GA-100
  • Easy and efficient module Exchange


  • AMOS, FRAME and EMS monitoring systém
  • Ejection seat VS 2-C category 0-0
  • Composite cockpit armouring
  • Automatic Control System AFCS

Technical specifications

L-159 platform technical specifications



The Czech Air Force successfully implemented an L-159 system consisting of L-159 A/B/T aircraft, integrated logistics support, a ground training system, flight planning and evaluation resources, and other equipment. In April 2014, the company signed contracts for the supply of L-159 aircraft owned by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, American company Draken International, and the Iraqi Air Force.

Aero provides military users of the L-159 with a wide range of support services that facilitate the operation of these powerful training machines:

  • Production of new aircraft with equipment according to the customer’s requirements
  • Full range of maintenance works including overhauls
  • Regular inspections of the aircraft and its systems
  • Modernisation of aircraft equipment according to the customer’s requirements
  • Replacement of unsupported and obsolete components
  • Servicing, on the customer’s premises if required
  • Integrated logistics support, including operation analyses and supply of spare parts
  • Technical life extension
  • Supply and updating of operational documentation
  • Ground personnel and pilot training
  • Expert activity


Army of the Czech Republic

  • The L-159 ALCA single-seater light fighter jet entered service in 2001, and the L-159T two-seater advanced training aircraft entered service in 2007
  • As part of the national air defence system, they perform a wide range of tasks, from follow-on and operational training, support of ground forces, reconnaissance missions, to air combat
  • They regularly participate in international training as part of NATO (Tactical Leadership Programme, NATO Air Meet, Clean Hunter, Flying Rhino)
  • Aero is a long-term partner of the Army of the Czech Republic in supporting the L-159 squadron


  • In April 2014, Aero signed a contract for the delivery of ten single-seater L-159As and two two-seater L-159T1s to the Iraqi Air Force. Aero delivered the first L-159 aircraft to Iraq in December 2015.

Draken International

  • Another contract was signed in July 2014, this time for the delivery of 21 L-159s to American company Draken International. Just like the aforementioned case, the delivery also included accompanying services connected with the restoration of operation and logistics. The aircraft will be used primarily as part of tactical training for the United States Air Force. Aero delivered the first aircraft to this customer in September 2015.