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The L-39NG is a brand-new generation of a modern and cost-effective subsonic jet aircraft. Together with modern avionics systems and ability to integrate a wide range of payloads, the L-39NG is a truly versatile platform suitable for training, reconnaissance and light attack mission.


  • The most cost effective aircraft in its class
  • Both western & eastern set up
  • Comprehensive customer support & services
  • Fully certified in accordance with EU/NATO regulations

Ready to support a wide range of missions

We present the L-39NG, the new generation of the world´s most successful subsonic jet aircraft.

We have developed a multifunctional platform ready to fulfill the role of a training aircraft for flight and tactical training, light attack capability, air patrolling and reconnaisance.






  • Light composite parts
  • Service life of up to 15,000 flight hours
  • Wet Wing
  • Up to 5 hard points
  • The landing gear enables take-off and landing on unpaved surfaces


  • HUD
  • Digital radio station
  • Multifunctional displays with integrated display of flight, navigation, system, and simulated tactical information
  • Open avionics architecture


  • Low emission and sound footprint
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Williams International FJ44-4M
  • Easy maintenance
  • Electric start without APU


  • A one-piece canopy that offers the pilot an unobstructed view
  • Bird strike resistant canopy
  • Martin-Baker Mk. CZ16H 0-0 ejector seat
  • Parameters 0-0 (A launch seat parameter that describes its ability to launch safely with the pilot even at zero altitude and zero speed)

Customer Support & Services

Aero is providing a new support model for its aircraft users that increases aircraft availability and reduces operating costs. We offer a complete portfolio of services throughout the entire life cycle of our aircraft according to customer requirements.

Integrated logistics support

  • L-39NG life-cycle support system – spare parts supply, ground equipment, aircraft life cycle support and more.
  • Advanced Maintenance Plan with pay-per-flight-hour option
    Maintenance Advantage Plan (MAP) Pay by Hour –
    Guaranteed operating costs for the life of the aircraft and covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Training system

Pilot training

  • Ground based training system (GBTS)
  • Virtual training system (VTS)
  • Mission planning and debriefing station (MPDS)

Training system by Aero

  • Ab Initio training & type rating
  • Basic training A/A & A/G
  • Advanced flight and tactical training
  • Lead-in fighter training capability
  • NVG, A/A refuelling, emergency recurrent training upon Aero certifications request
  • Flight Training Organization
  • Approved Training Organization
  • EMAR 147

Technical specifications

L-39NG platform technical specifications

L-39NG illustrative
camouflage configurator

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Documents to download

Introduction of Aero 2023 0,6 MB PDF document Download
L-39NG 0,3 MB PDF document Download
L-39NG Complex Training System 0,4 MB PDF document Download
L-39 Sustainment 0,4 MB PDF document Download