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The L-39NG is a brand new generation of a modern and cost effective subsonic jet aircraft. Together with modern avionics systems and ability to integrate a wide range of payloads, the L-39NG is a trully verstaile platform suitable for training, reconnaisance and light attack mission.


  • The most cost effective aircraft in its class
  • Both western & eastern set up
  • Comprehensive customer support & services
  • Fully certified in accordance with EU/NATO regulations

Ready to support a wide range of missions

We present the L-39NG, the new generation of the world´s most successful subsonic jet aircraft.

We have developed a multifunctional platform ready to fulfill the role of a training aircraft for flight and tactical training, light attack capability, air patrolling and reconnaisance.






  • Light composite parts
  • Service life of up to 15,000 flight hours
  • Integral tank
  • Up to 5 hard points
  • The landing gear enables take-off and landing on unpaved surfaces


  • HUD
  • Digital radio station
  • Multifunctional displays with integrated display of flight, navigation, system, and simulated tactical information
  • Open avionics architecture


  • Low emission and sound footprint
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Williams International FJ44-4M
  • Easy maintenance
  • Electric start without APU


  • A one-piece canopy that offers the pilot an unobstructed view
  • Bird strike resistant canopy
  • Martin-Baker Mk. CZ16H 0-0 ejector seat
  • Parameters 0-0 (A launch seat parameter that describes its ability to launch safely with the pilot even at zero altitude and zero speed)

Customer Support & Services

You are guaranteed support and service throughout the entire life cycle of the aircraft. Choose the configuration and equipment when purchasing.

Integrated logistics support

  • L-39NG support system for the entire service life – supply of spare parts, ground equipment, aircraft service life support.

Maintenance plan according to flight hours

  • Advanced maintenance plan with the option of payment per flight hour. Operating costs guaranteed for the entire service life of the aircraft, and covers both planned and unplanned aircraft maintenance.

Training system

Pilot training

  • Ground based training system (GBTS)
  • Virtual training system (VTS)
  • Mission planning and debriefing station (MPDS)

Training system by Aero

  • Ab Initio training & type rating
  • Basic training A/A & A/G
  • Advanced flight and tactical training
  • Lead-in fighter training capability
  • NVG, A/A refuelling, emergency recurrent training upon Aero certifications request
  • Flight Training Organization
  • Approved Training Organization
  • EMAR 147

Technical specifications

L-39NG platform technical specifications

L-39NG illustrative
camouflage configurator

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Documents to download

Introduction of Aero 2023 0,6 MB PDF document Download
L-39NG 0,3 MB PDF document Download
L-39NG Complex Training System 0,4 MB PDF document Download