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100 years since the production of the Aero A-22 “spa” special

Vodochody, May 10, 2024 – During 1924, Aero started production of the A-22, which was used as a mail and transport aircraft. In 1925 and 1926 the “twenty-two” in Aero factory colours served as mail and transport aircraft on the regular Prague – Mariánské Lázně route. In total, three A-22s were produced.

Between 1925 and 1926, Aero was licensed and operated a mail and transport line between Prague and Mariánské Lázně. During the operation of the line, two A-22s flew twice a day. One flight lasted approximately 45 minutes. Over the course of the “spa” route, the A-22s flew 82,434 kilometres and managed to transport a total of 961 passengers and over 7,000 kilos of parcels and letters without an accident.

After the end of the service, the A-22s spent some time at the Aero factory before being sold to private owners in the early 1930s. The last example of the A-22 was deleted from the airline registry in 1937.

The Aero A-22 was a biplane three-seat transport aircraft of mixed design. The aircraft was designed to carry two passengers and mail. The fuselage of the A-22 was welded steel tubing and covered with canvas, while the wings and two-bladed propeller were wooden. The machine was equipped with a 245 horsepower water-cooled six-cylinder engine. The aircraft had a wingspan of 12.78 m and a length of 8.34 m. It had a range of 320 km and a maximum speed of 199 km/h.

The designer of the A-22 transport aircraft, which was based on the design of the A-12 reconnaissance machine, was chief designer Antonín Husník.

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