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Aero Vodochody is historically the largest producer of military jet trainers in the world with more than 11,000 aircraft produced totally and over 13,000,000 flight hours’ total log of the fleet. More than 6,700 own design jet training aircraft manufactured equal to 70% of world production. We are proud on excellent maneuverability of aircraft made in Aero and their ability to operate in all climatic contidions.

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Aero Vodochody cooperates with major global aircraft manufacturers on commercial and military programs. Aero’s core business lies in manufacturing and assembly of complex aircraft assemblies with a high degree of product finalisation, including integration and testing of systems, full supply chain management and final inspection.

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Aero is ready to restart production of L-159

31.3.2017 | Thirteen years after the last serially produced L-159 was delivered, Aero Vodochody is ready to restart production of its advanced light attack aircraft. Full article

Giuseppe Giordo and Zbynek Pavlacik signing agreement on partnership of NATO Days

Aero becomes a general partner of NATO Days in Ostrava for next three years

14.2.2017 | NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days are the biggest aviation event in the Czech Republic and the biggest security show in Europe. Since 2017, this show will be related to the most significant… Full article


Aero finalizes the production of a new L-159 aircraft

1.12.2016 | Thirteen years after delivery of the last aircraft to the Czech Air Force, Aero Vodochody manufactures new L-159 ALCA aircraft. The two-seater will be delivered to Iraq at the turn of the year. Full article

Map of international customers up to now

  • 13,000,000 flight hours
  • 60 military operators
  • 11,000 aircrafts
  • 15 demo teams
  • All climatic conditions

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Know-how is not omnipresent. It is concentrated in talented people. Know-how results from long-term pro-growth care, commitment to fulfiling demanding tasks and benefiting of acquired experience.

In Aero I hold the position of head of design organisation and my parallel function is a director of operations. "

Miloš Trnobranský

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Aero, which is focused on design and manufacturing of military and civilian aircraft, is the largest aviation manufacturer in the Czech Republic. In the field of military aircraft it is a long term and reliable partner of many air-forces in the world. More about the company