• 11.11. 2021

    Four modernized L-39s handed over to Kazakhstan

    Aero Vodochody and OMNIPOL handed over four overhauled L-39C aircraft to the Kazakh Air Force in October 2021. The overhaul also included an extensive modernization of the avionics. Full article

  • 6.10. 2021

    The new president of Aero Vodochody introduced new management

    Shortly after the change of shareholder, when the Hungarian-Czech company HSC Aerojet Zrt. became the owner of Aero Vodochody, the new President & CEO of Aero Vodochody, Viktor Sotona, announced new members of the top management of the largest Czech aircraft manufacturer. Full article

  • 30.9. 2021

    The sale of Aero Vodochody is concluded with Viktor Sotona taking the CEO position

    The Aero Vodochody sale transaction was successfully completed; new owners took over the largest Czech aircraft manufacturer. Based on an agreement signed in July 2021 Hungarian company HSC Aerojet Zrt. becomes the 100% owner of Aero. Full article

  • 29.9. 2021

    Joint visit of Hungarian and Czech ministers to Aero Vodochody

    Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó and Minister of Technology and Innovation László Palkovics, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček and Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar, arrived to Aero Vodochody. The visit was part of the official trip of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and members of his government to the Czech Republic. Full article

  • 21.9. 2021

    Flight demonstration of the L-39NG for the first time in the Czech Republic

    For the first time, Aero Vodochody presented an acrobatic demonstration of the L-39NG aircraft to the Czech audience. The NATO Days in Ostrava and the Czech Air Force Days 2021 completed this year's L-39NG aerobatic display tour through Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Full article

  • 17.9. 2021

    Post-pandemic restart: The L-39 Users Group Conference hosted representatives from 16 countries

    On September 15 and 16, the sixth L-39 Users Group Conference took place in Prague and Aero Vodochody. It was attended by more than 50 guests from a total of 16 countries on three continents. Full article

  • 6.9. 2021

    The SIAF airshow commemorated the legendary Biele Albatrosy

    The aircraft from Aero Vodochody, including the L-39NG, attracted attention of visitors at SIAF 2021 airshow in Slovakia, which took place on September 4 and 5 at the Malacky-Kuchyňa air base. Aero was also present at the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the legendary acrobatic group Biele Albatrosy. Full article

  • 30.8. 2021

    Complete jet era of Aero Vodochody at the airshow in Kecskemét

    Aero Vodochody has started this year’s airshow season at the Hungarian military base in Kecskemét. The L-39NG, L-159, L-39, and L-29 aircraft were on display, most of them also on acrobatic display. Full article

  • 27.8. 2021

    Aero was extending relations with the Slovak aviation industry at the IDEB trade fair

    Aero Vodochody, the company representing the top of the aviation industry in Central Europe, offers a number of opportunities for industrial cooperation with Slovak companies in the field of development and production of aviation technology, including modern simulation technologies. That is why this year Aero also presented itself in Slovakia at the IDEB 2021 defence technology trade fair, which took place in August 25-27 in Bratislava. Full article

  • 25.8. 2021

    The L-39NG will perform acrobatics, the demo flight was approved by the authority

    Aero Vodochody will present its new L-39NG jet aircraft to public with all the trimmings during the upcoming air shows in Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. Vladimír Továrek and Vytautas Požela, factory pilots of the largest Czech aircraft manufacturer, gained certification for the L-39NG acrobatic flight, and they are ready to show the brand new flight display to public. Full article

  • 24.6. 2021

    Aero and LOTN have agreed on extension of their cooperation

    AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE and the Slovak state company Letecké opravovne Trenčín (LOTN) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which specifies the details of future industrial cooperation between the two companies. In case of acquisition of the L-39NG aircraft by the Slovak army, the cooperation would include not only the production of parts for the new L-39NG aircraft, but also cooperation in the logistic support for these aircraft in Slovakia or in providing a Ground Based Training System. Full article

  • 11.5. 2021

    Hungarian ambassador to Czech Republic visited Aero

    On Thursday 6 May, 2021, Aero Vodochody welcomed the ambassador Dr. Miklós Boros, trade and economic attaché István Kolozsvári and defence, military and air attaché Col. Zsolt Annus of Embassy of Hungary in Prague. Full article

  • 7.5. 2021

    Czech pilots in L-39NG cockpit

    In the last week of April, pilots from the 21st Tactical Air Force Base at Čáslav and from the Pardubice Military Airport visited AERO Vodochody to fly a new L-39NG jet aircraft. The skilled Czech Air Force pilots tested the flight characteristic of the aircraft and shared their comments with pilots and engineers from Aero. Full article

  • 21.4. 2021

    Slovak Air Force pilots flew the new L-39NG jet trainer

    The new jet trainer L-39NG from the Czech aircraft manufacturer AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE visited this week the Sliač Air Base in Slovakia to complete several flights with a mixed Czech-Slovak crew. The aim was to demonstrate the flight characteristics of the aircraft and to show its capabilities for training of the future pilots of Slovak F-16 fighters. Full article

  • 31.3. 2021

    Aero Vodochody delivered the 200th set of FLEs for the Airbus A220

    At the end of March 2021, Aero Vodochody delivered to its customer the 200th set of fixed leading edges for the Airbus A220. Serial production of 17-meter assembly was launched in 2014, Aero delivered the first leading edges to Bombardier Belfast a year later. The A220 program remains the largest in the Aero’s aerostructures portfolio and has the greatest growth potential. Full article

  • 25.3. 2021

    The fatigue test confirms significantly longer lifespan of the L-39NG

    Another phase of the fatigue test of the new L-39NG jet aircraft from the Czech manufacturer Aero Vodochody was successfully completed at the Czech Aerospace Research Centre in Prague (VZLÚ). The prototype with manufacturing serial number 7003 completed the third life cycle ground test which confirmed that the lifespan of the new aircraft will be significantly longer than of its predecessor L-39 Albatros. The new L-39NG received its international type certification in September 2020. Full article

  • 24.3. 2021

    The first two overhauled and modernized L-39C aircraft arrived to Kazakhstan

    The overhaul project and the extensive modernization of the Kazakh Air Defence Force Aircraft, was successfully provided by OMNIPOL, the strategic partner of Aerovodochody. The first two L-39C training aircraft, overhauled and modernized by AERO Vodochody, arrived safely back at the customer base on Lake Balkhash in southeastern Kazakhstan on March 9, 2021. The production plant specialists are working alongside local experts. Full article

  • 23.2. 2021

    Aero at the IDEX fair in Abu Dhabi

    Aero Vodochody presents its new L-39NG jet aircraft at the IDEX trade fair in the United Arab Emirates, where it met potential customers and users of its L-39 aircraft. Full article

  • 10.2. 2021

    Aero handed over six L-39 aircraft after GO to Uzbekistan

    On February 7, 2021, the Uzbek Air Force took over the last of the six L-39 Albatros aircraft, which underwent general overhaul in Aero Vodochody. Part of the overhaul of Uzbek aircraft is also a partial modernization of their on-board equipment. Full article