• 7.3. 2023

    Aero started to use its own firing range for aircraft cannons

    Aero has been granted permission to operate its tunnel firing range to test aerial guns and ammunition. The firing range, which is located on the company's premises in Vodochody, will be used mainly for shooting air cannons of a caliber larger than 20 mm. Full article

  • 23.2. 2023

    Aero launched a new production line for the L-39NG aircraft

    Aero, a traditional Czech jet aircraft manufacturer, has launched a new production line for the new L-39NG trainer aircraft. The output of the assembly line is the aircraft fuselage, its production capacity is planned to be up to 24 pieces per year and it will employ more than 100 people. Full article

  • 15.2. 2023

    The last L-159 flew from Aero to Iraq

    An L-159 aircraft has left Aero for Iraq after undergoing an overhaul under the Iraqi L-159 after-sales support contract. The aircraft joins 11 other L-159s flown from Aero to Iraq between 2015 and 2018. Full article

  • 9.2. 2023

    Aero celebrates 60 years of Czech jet aircraft production

    Successful jet journey from Dolphin to NG. Aero, a traditional Czech manufacturer with a centuries-old tradition, is celebrating 60 years since the start of serial production of its own jet aircraft. In 1963, the first serial production of the L-29 Dolphin was produced. In 2023, the serial production of the new L-39NG trainer aircraft will start. Over six decades, 6,700 trainer jets have rolled off Aero's production lines. Full article

  • 30.1. 2023

    Aero employees will get a pay rise

    Aero has signed a collective agreement for 2023, which will result in a 5 percent pay rise for its employees from 1 April. In addition, it is increasing shift allowances and newly introducing a "Share of Success" financial reward for employees in Production, Quality, and Direct Purchasing for meeting the annual target. The collective agreement is effective from February 1st 2023 to January 31st 2024. Full article

  • 30.1. 2023

    Aero has the "green light" to conduct training on the L-39NG

    Domestic aircraft manufacturer Aero is authorized to conduct training and instruction on military aircraft under new rules. The certificate issued by the Department of Military Aviation Supervision of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic covers Albatros, Alca, and the new Engéčko aircraft. Full article

  • 24.1. 2023

    Jan Čáp, an experienced manager with foreign experience, returns to AERO and strengthens the top management

    Jan Čáp is strengthening the top management of the largest aircraft manufacturer in the Czech Republic as of January 23. The experienced manager returns to AERO after three years as Executive Vice President and Chief Industrial Officer. He will be in charge of the complete supply chain from operational purchasing through production and assembly to output quality control. Full article

  • 19.1. 2023

    Aero delivered the last L-159 to the Czech Army after a planned overhaul

    Aero Vodochody has completed the prescribed repairs (PP16) on all 16 single-seat L-159 ALCA aircraft and handed over the last one to the Czech Air Force. The L-159s have been extended for another eight years and other technical improvements have been made. Full article

  • 11.1. 2023

    A unique opportunity for promising young students. The largest Czech aerospace manufacturer cooperates with the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at CTU

    Aero Vodochody is intensifying its cooperation with the Department of Air Transport at the Czech Technical University of Transportation Sciences. Students will investigate the safety and reliability of the systems of the latest L-39NG aircraft as part of their professional practice. The main objective of the cooperation is to share knowledge and experience in aviation safety between the two top organizations. Full article

  • 5.1. 2023

    Aero wins contract for overhaul and modernization of L-39 aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force

    Aero Vodochody has awarded a contract for the overhaul of L-39 aircraft to the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. The first two aircraft will be transferred to Aero by the end of January 2023. The contract also includes a partial upgrade of the machines. The framework contract is valid for four years. The aircraft are scheduled to be delivered back in 2024 after the contract is fully completed. Full article