• 13.12. 2019

    Aero delivered last overhauled L-159T1 to the Czech Air Force

    The Czech Air Force took over from domestic manufacturer AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. the last of five L-159T1 two-seat aircraft after PP2000 maintenance. Now, the 21st Tactical Air Force Base Čáslav has a total of eight two-seat advanced training and light combat L-159 aircraft: five L-159T1+ and three L-159T2 aircraft delivered in the spring of this year. Full article

  • 9.12. 2019

    The second flying L-39NG and pre-serial aircraft had its maiden flight (VIDEO)

    On Monday 9th December 2019, the maiden flight of the L-39NG aircraft with MSN 7004 took place at Aero Vodochody. This aircraft will be the first pre-serial aircraft. Aero company pilots Vladimír Továrek and Vytautas Požela flew for 32 minutes. Full article

  • 11.10. 2019

    L-39 operators met for a fourth time (VIDEO)

    Representatives of fourteen air forces from three continents and several civilian operators of L-39 aircraft met to share their experiences with the legendary jet trainers. The 4th L-39 Users’ Group Conference organised by the Czech Air Force together with two leading Czech Aerospace and Defence companies AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE and OMNIPOL took place in Bratislava, Slovakia. Full article

  • 9.10. 2019

    Senegalese Chief of Air Force flies L-39NG

    The first customer flew in L-39NG aircraft. General Joseph Mamadou Diop, the Chief of the Air Force of the Republic of Senegal, made an hour-lasting flight with test pilot of Aero Vodochody Vladimír Továrek on Sunday 6th October Full article

  • 21.9. 2019

    Between the flight tests, L-39NG made its first public appearance at NATO Days (VIDEO)

    After undergoing a series of demanding ground tests, first L-39NG full prototype joined again flight test program on September 14th. One week later, L-39NG prototype suspended temporarily its flight test operations in order to visit the NATO Days in Ostrava, where it was first presented to the general public on a static display – with complete configuration, new paint, and armament. Full article

  • 19.9. 2019

    Invitation: L-39NG first public appearance at NATO Days (VIDEO)

    Aero Vodochody prepared an unique occasion for all visitors of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days. Presentation of the new L-39NG aircraft carrying weapon systems. Full article

  • 10.9. 2019

    Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska visited Aero Vodochody

    Elżbieta Bieńkowska, the Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the EDF agenda, together with representatives of the Czech MOD arrived at Aero Vodochody on Tuesday, September 10, after visit of the Prague office of the GSA, which operates the Galileo satellite system. Full article

  • 9.9. 2019

    Aero Vodochody at AirPower 2019

    AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. participated in the largest air show in Austria, AirPower 2019, which took place on September 6-7 at the military air base in Zeltweg. Part of the presentation at the AERO Vodochody booth was the marketing simulator of the new L-39NG jet trainer. The simulator has attracted big attention of the visitors in the VIP zone, including representatives of official delegations. Full article

  • 5.8. 2019

    Aero at SIAF 2019

    AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE was at Slovak International Air Fest at Sliac air base. The presentation of Aero attracted a delegation of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Peter Pellegrini as well as representatives of the Slovak Air Force and the Slovak Ministry of Defense. Full article

  • 1.8. 2019

    Tests of new L-39NG light jet are running on full speed

    Czech aircraft manufacturer AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE successfully continues in testing phase of the L-39NG development. Static tests, verifying strength of the airframe, have started on the second produced prototype in the Czech Aerospace Research Centre in Prague. On the first flight prototype, which made first flight on December 22, 2018, ground vibration tests are in progress, and this aircraft will continue in flight tests from this September. Full article

  • 4.6. 2019

    The Czech Army took over three two-seat L-159T2 aircraft

    AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. delivered to the Czech Army three two-seat L-159T2 aircraft improved by a number of major upgrades to meet the new requirements of the Czech Air Force for advanced pilot training and military operations. These aircraft will replace the L-39ZA aircraft currently serving at 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Čáslav, which end their service in the army this year after decades of successful operation. Full article

  • 30.5. 2019

    Aero will overhaul 16 L-159 aircraft for the Czech army for CZK 1.6 billion (VIDEO)

    AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. and Czech Ministry of Defence announced during the International Defence and Security Technologies Fair in Brno, Czech Republic contract for maintenance of 16 L-159 aircraft in four years. The total value of the so called PP16 contract - maintenance after 16 years of service – is CZK 1.6 billion. Full article

  • 11.4. 2019

    L-39NG program remains a key priority to AERO

    New management team of AERO presented its strategy for future of the company. Full article

  • 14.3. 2019

    Changes in the management of Aero Vodochody

    President and CEO of AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE Giuseppe Giordo leaves the company management after joint agreement with the shareholder Penta investment. Current CFO Dieter John is taking over the Aero Vodochody management. Full article

  • 25.2. 2019

    Aero Vodochody celebrates 100 years

    The history of Aero started on the 25th of February 1919, just months after the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia. During its ten decades, Aero has produced around 11 thousand aircraft. Most of them have two things in common – they were military and dedicated to training. Those characteristics are relevant also to the new L-39NG, which made its first flight in December 2018. Full article