MRO & Services

Aero has been providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services since 1966. We support more than 45 military operators of L-39NG, L-39, L-59 and L-159 aircraft, particularly Air Force of the Czech Republic.

Unique customer portfolio

  • AERO has historically been working with-post Soviet bloc customers and their allies including former Soviet Union Republic, European NATO countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Middle East countries such as Iraq, North African countries including Tunisia and Algeria, Equatorial Africa including Nigeria and Ethiopia.
  • Other customers also include South Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Thailand.
  • AERO has a strong position in domestic market through L39, L-159 and NG with Czech Air Force being a launch customer for these aircraft.

Unique Experience

  • AERO is the only world military aircraft producer with experience in integration of both western and eastern engines, avionics and weapons in various versions of L39, L-59 and L-159 aircraft.

Unique Capabilities

  • Due to long-term collaboration and development of local aerospace industry as well as more than 30 years of collaboration with western partners, MRO division features the capability to develop, deliver and support jet training and light combat aircraft which is unique not only in Europe but also in the global aerospace environment.

Capability to Deliver Integrated Air Systems

  • If required by customer, AERO can provide comprehensive jet training and light attack systems including aircraft, integrated logistic support, spare parts, overhauls and related service-life extension and installation of new digital flight data recorder Aero is also able to provide the ground support equipment, ground and flights personnel training, pilot equipment and ammunition. Service teams of Aero are prepared to work on customers’ site.




Aero has been providing training services since 1966. Aero supports more than dozen military operators of L-39NG, L-159, L-59 and L-39 aircraft, particularly Air Force of the Czech Republic.