Post-pandemic restart: The L-39 Users Group Conference hosted representatives from 16 countries

On September 15 and 16, the sixth L-39 Users Group Conference took place in Prague and Aero Vodochody. It was attended by more than 50 guests from a total of 16 countries on three continents.

Thanks to vaccination against Covid-19, which was also insured through ongoing testing and compliance with hygiene rules, this year's conference had a significantly higher turnout than last year and the number of delegations matched conferences that took place before the pandemic.

"It's amazing that we were able to meet in such large numbers. As confirmed by feedback to this year's event, the conference provides users of L-39 aircraft with an important opportunity to share experiences, and they use the suggestions from the discussions not only in the operation of their aircraft, but also for example in organizing flight training. For us as an aircraft manufacturer, this meeting is also a source of useful information and inspiration for improvements," said Jakub Hoda, Vice President for Sales and Business Development at Aero Vodochody.

From European countries, representatives of the air forces of Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Estonia, arrived at the conference. Delegations from Ghana and Nigeria, for example, were present from the African continent. Participants included countries from South America, and this time also some private users of the L-39, including a representative of the American acrobatic group Patriots. The meeting was organized by the Czech Air Force together with Aero Vodochody and Omnipol company.

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