Aero launched a new production line for the L-39NG aircraft

Vodochody, 23 February 2023 - Aero, a traditional Czech jet aircraft manufacturer, has launched a new production line for the new L-39NG trainer aircraft. The output of the assembly line is the aircraft fuselage, its production capacity is planned to be up to 24 pieces per year and it will employ more than 100 people.

On the new production line, which is dedicated to the production of the L-39NG fuselage, the series production has been already started. "The investment we have made in building a completely new production line will allow us to gradually increase capacity and produce up to two L-39NG aircraft per month. We plan to reach production of 24 aircraft per year within two years," says Jan Čáp, Executive Vice President & Chief Industrial Officer of Aero.

Currently, the first stage of the new production line is in operation, which will increase L-39NG production to 17 aircraft per year. The second stage will then bring the required increase to 24 aircraft per year. Currently, 7 L-39NG aircraft are in various stages of development on the new production line and another 5 units are already undergoing final assembly.

In connection with the investment in the production line, the production area and staff facilities were also renovated. This production line will offer employment opportunities for several dozen new employees. "We are recruiting new employees for the new production line who will be involved in the construction of our L-39NG aircraft. The output of the assembly line is a complete fuselage. In particular, we need riveters or plumbers," says Jiří Linka, Vice President of Production of Aero.

Aero Vodochody currently has orders for 34 L-39NG aircraft. This multirole jet aircraft, which is capable of performing a wide range of missions, is characterized by high reliability, excellent flight characteristics, low operating costs, and service life up to 2070.

Domestic suppliers and companies are also heavily involved in the production of the L-39NG. Over 60% of all Aero's suppliers are Czech companies. "Every investment in increasing production capacity for our new L-39NG jet trainer is another opportunity for Czech companies that have been involved with us in its production from the beginning," adds Jiří Linka, Aero's Vice President of Production.

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AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. focuses on the development, production, maintenance and improvement of civil and military aircraft and is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest aircraft manufacturers in the world. In the field of own aircraft, AERO is a permanent partner of a number of military air forces and has a strong position in the market for military trainer and light combat aircraft. With 11,000 aircraft produced in its 100 years of existence, hundreds of L-39 Albatros aircraft still in service with dozens of military operators and a number of demo teams, and especially with its new L-39NG aircraft, AERO has established itself as a leader in the global jet trainer market. In the civil aviation sector, AERO works with major aircraft manufacturers on a wide range of projects and is a partner in several risk-sharing programs, where it is responsible not only for the manufacture and assembly of aircraft assemblies, but also for their development.


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