Complete jet era of Aero Vodochody at the airshow in Kecskemét

Aero Vodochody has started this year’s airshow season at the Hungarian military base in Kecskemét. The L-39NG, L-159, L-39, and L-29 aircraft were on display, most of them also on acrobatic display.

Kecskemét International Airshow 2021 took place last weekend of August. Aero’s test pilot Vladimír Továrek performed two acrobatic displays with the new L-39NG training aircraft within the show. This was the first public acrobatic display of the L-39NG. Next displays are planned at the SIAF Airshow in Slovakia and at the NATO Days in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Military pilots from the Czech 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Čáslav, Aleš Seidl and David Byrtus, performed acrobatic display in Hungary with two L-159 aircraft of the Czech Army. The airshow visitors could also see flight display of the L-29 Dolphin operated by the Hungarian Komo Sky Team. One of the last retired L-39ZA of the Hungarian Air Force was prepared for a static display.

Aero Vodochody presented itself at the show not only with its aircraft, but also with an exhibition stand, which was visited by a number of important delegations led by delegation of Hungarian Minister of Defence Tibor Benko.

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