Aero L-39NG in numbers: 300 suppliers, 14,000 parts, 31,000 hours of work

Vodochody, October 18th, 2022 – Aero Vodochody's L-39NG aircraft requires approximately 14,000 parts. Aero is able to produce more than half of them in-house. Other components for the trainer jet are supplied by a total of 300 Czech and foreign companies. Approximately 60 % of the suppliers are Czech companies. Serial production with significant added value is an opportunity for other Czech companies, not only in the aviation industry.

Starting in September 2022, Aero Vodochody is building one L-39NG fuselage shell per month for serial production. Aero needs approximately 14,000 parts to complete one L-39NG aircraft. Yet it can produce most of the required parts itself, which is about 8,200 components. In addition, about 8,500 metres of various cables, 17,500 rivets and 31,000 man-hours of labour are needed for one L-39NG trainer. The first production unit of the L-39NG is due to be completed by the end of this year.

"We want the entire Czech industry and thousands of employees in the supply chain to benefit from L-39NG production in the long term. That’s why we are trying to involve as many domestic companies as possible. The planned increase in production capacity will be an opportunity for other local suppliers," said Viktor Sotona, President and CEO of Aero Vodochody.

Aero started serial production of the L-39NG trainer, which is a convenient solution for training pilots of modern air forces, a few months ago. During serial production of the L-39NG and its components, compliance with the technical documentation, adherence to manufacturing procedures, dimensions, weight, appearance, and functionality are checked, as well as in-flight performance of the entire aircraft.

However, before the aircraft and its equipment could enter serial production, it had to go through a development and certification phase, which included many special tests. These included, for example, material tests, static and fatigue tests, climate resistance tests, electromagnetic interference tests, vibration tests, landing gear crash tests, tests of the structure's resistance to bird strikes, tests of the pilot ejection system, etc.

Aero Vodochody recently held a special supplier conference for domestic and foreign suppliers of L-39NG components. "The main topic of the conference was the efficiency of cooperation, as we need thousands of parts from suppliers from all over the world for the production of the L-39NG. At present, we are supplied with components from about 180 Czech companies, and among the foreign ones, we cooperate mainly with suppliers from Great Britain, the USA, Italy, France and Germany," said Josef Mašín, Vice President for Purchasing at Aero Vodochody.

The main Czech suppliers for the L-39NG trainer include, for example, Prvni brnenska strojirna Velka Bites, Jihlavan, MIKROTECHNA PRAHA, SPEEL PRAHA, MESIT, Primapol-Metal-Spot, Aircraft Industries, CHARVÁT Group, QUITTNER & SCHIMEK, Jihostroj, Technometra Český Brod, Rubena, VR Group, LPP, AEV spol. s r.o. or Compo Tech PLUS.

Jan Chvojka, Director of Marketing & PR


About AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE

AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. focuses on the design, manufacture, maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of military and civil aircraft. It is the largest aviation manufacturer in the Czech Republic and with history dating back to 1919, Aero is one of the oldest aerospace companies in the world. In the field of military aircraft, Aero has been a reliable long-term partner to many of the world's air forces and continues to maintain a strong position on the market of military training and light combat aircraft.

With a track record of 11,000 aircraft produced over the last 100 years, a broad coverage of dozens of military operators and demo teams, a significant existing fleet of L-39 Albatrosses and with a brand-new aircraft, the L-39NG, Aero is maintaining its positioning as a leader in the jet training market. In the field of civil aviation, Aero collaborates with many of the world's largest manufacturers in a diverse range of projects.

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