Aero re-thought the L-39MS and came up with a new version that incorporated an integrated weapons delivery and navigation system from US company Flight Visions. This was rebranded as the L-59 and offered a wide variety of other avionics options to appeal to a wider market. Flight Visions designed the Head Up Display (HUD), computers and the missioncomputer, which was core to the integration of weapons. Bendix King provided CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), Navigation systems, DME (Distance MeasuringEquipment), and VOR (VHF Omni Directional Range) displays. Pavel adds,The first HUD was originally a Russian/Czech system and Flight Vision got involved because the HUD computer required communications with the HUD.

There were two prototype L-59sone is now preserved outside Aero’s ‘Pentagon’ headquarters, and the other is used for ejection seat trials and other ground work.