Alenia C-27J Spartan
Production & Services
Aero is fully resposible for the production of the assembled and equipped Central Wing Box (CWB) with no design involvement. We take care of supply chain, production and after sales support.

About the aircraft

The Alenia C-27J is a military tactical transport aircraft with a maximum payload of 11.5 tons. The primary users of the aircraft are air forces of the United States, Italy, Greece and Australia as well as countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Since 2007, Aero has been the sole supplier of the center wing box, which is a critical structural and system unit of the whole aircraft. The center wing box assembly includes integral tanks, pylons for engine installation and mechanical systems of the wing, fuel and hydraulic lines, and electrical harnesses. All systems are tested by Aero.

Photo: Manufacturing of CWB in process

C-27J Spartan in action by Leonardo Company