Embraer KC-390
Production & Services

Aero is fully responsible for the development, industrialization, certification support and production of the fixed leading edge of the wing (FLE) and we work on industrialization and production of all doors, the cargo ramp and section II of the rear fuselage.

About the aircraft

The project was initiated by the Brazilian Air Force. 28 aircraft have been ordered by the Brazilian Air Force with a commitment to partially finance their development. Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, and the Czech Republic have also shown interest in acquiring the aircraft. Aero is a strategic risk-sharing partner to Embraer. The aircraft rolled out in October 2014, with its first flight on February 3, 2015; certification of the aircraft is expected during 2017 and entry into service in 2018.

The initial operating capability was reached in Deecmber 2017 as the two prototypes accumulated over 1,500 flight hours and laboratory testing over 40,000 hourswhile. The third KC-390 built and first production aircraft first flew on 6 October 2018 and in the same month it recieved the civil type certification and it should recieve the military certification untill the end of 2019.

Photo: Parts designed and developed by Aero Vodochody

KC-390 Water Spray Test by Embraer