L-410 UVP-E20
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Aero is cooperating with Aircraft industries on a main landing gears and nose for their civil aircraft L410 UVP-E20.Development for L410 NG is not finished yet and it is still not fully decided if Aero will be a partner in this project with design involvement.

About the aircraft

The L 410 aircraft are operatin in more than 50 countries at the moment on five continents. There is more than 1,300 aircraft manufactured until now in L410 series, which were mainly delivered to the Eastern Europe. It is very popular due to its ability to land on unpaved surfaces and ability to fly in a extremely different climatic conditions (-50°C to +50°C). Low maintenance and operating costs for the operators together with user friendly and easy handling make this aircraft one of the best in its class. 


L-410 UVP-E20 & Aircraft Industries company