Customer references

Aero cares of the satisfaction of its customers and therefore Aero is very interested in the opinion about the operation of its own aircraft. For that reason Aero also organizes one of the largest user groups of training aircraft users and bilaterally talks about problems directly with customers. The materials obtained serve as valuable basis for further development, upgrading and improvement of the services.

We are absolutely open to listen to the customer's opinions across the whole world.

The L-39 UGC 

The idea of organizing a joint panel discussion of the users of L-39 training and light attack aircraft was developed in 2015 and the first conference was held in the following year. The training aircraft made in the 1970s has been very successful and popular both in hands of military and civilian users and it is still operated in many countries on several continents.

Main tasks of L-39UGC:
  • regular meeting of users
  • exchange of Inofrmation (technical issues, flight safety, operational experience etc.)
  • communication with OEM

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