Early Days

Aero - továrna létadel (Aero - the aircraft factory) in Prague, has its roots in the period immediately following the creation of the independent Czechoslovak Republic in 1918. On January 11, 1919, a preliminary agreement establishing the new limited liability company was signed. The date of registration with the Companies Court - February 25, 1919 - can be considered as the founding date.

The new company, which focused on production of aircraft, aircraft parts and aircraft repairs, was soon followed by two other companies - the state owned Letov and the private Avia. However, Aero was the strongest of the three for a long time considering the size of workforce as well as the production output.

After repairs of a number of imported aircraft types started, a prototype of the first in-house type (Aero A-1) was built in the Brandenburg shape. An order from the Ministry of Defense for series production of this test-proven military prototype soon followed. The new introductory type was designed for pilot training - a typical product of much more distant future!

  • 1919 Aero - továrna létadel (Aero – Aircraft Factory) founded in Prague
  • 1919 A-1, first in-house designed military training aircraft
  • 1921 A-10, first in-house designed civil airliner


War Production

Prelude to Future

Jet Age

Indigenous Jet Trainers

Modern Combat and Training System

Civil Program

New Cooperation Programs

Risk-sharing partnership with global OEMs

Relaunch of production of proprietary aircraft