Organisational structure

  • Company Executive Management

  • Board of Directors

    Aero has Board of Directors consisting of one member only. As of June 2019 the Member of the Board of Directors is Mr. Jakub HODA

  • Supervisory board

Supervisory board of Aero has three members:

  • Ing. DOMINIKA KALINOVÁ - chairwoman of the board
  • JAN BORÝSEK – member of the board
  • Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Code

Aero protects its heritage and legacy of the largest Czech aerospace manufacturer and one of the oldest aviation companies in the world by ensuring an outstanding reputation of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. We can ensure our legacy to survive for the next generations only by adhering to the highest standards of conduct in dealings with people, organizations and governments.

This Code of Ethics covers a wide range of business practices and procedures and it sets out basic principles of business integrity to guide Aero and to help foster a culture aiming at cultivating our brand every single day.

The purpose of the Anti-Corruption Code is to strengthen prevention structures and highlight the strict denial policy of the Company against any illegal business practices, in particular against corruption.