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L-39NG is a project of new, highly efficient trainer and light attack aircraft, able to serve as basic, advanced and LIFT trainer thanks to advanced avionics. L-39NG is based on aero dynamical concept of current L-39, but is manufactured with the use of new technologies and contents modern systems. L-39NG aircraft offers unprecedented efficiency along with minimal maintenance. L-39NG is a modern trainer aircraft with a low acquisition price and improved flight characteristics while keeping up its tradition of simple maintenance.

  • Aero develops a brand new L-39NG aircraft, which combines the proven aerodynamic concept with the most advanced manufacturing technologies and systems, which guarantee a long service life, highly efficient operating parameters, low investment and operating costs and wide utilization within air forces.
  • First L-39NG aircraft will be delivered to customers in 2019.
  • Aero wants to offer current users of L-39 an option to extend the life of the aircraft and modernizing it by the installation of a new engine and optionally also new avionics. In 2015, Aero successfully installed Williams FJ-44M engine and avionics built around Genesys Aerosystems’ multi-functional displays and head-up displays (HUD) by SPEEL Praha into existing L-39 aircraft. In September 2015, the demonstrator of re-engined L-39 successfully completed its first flight.

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