Products & services

Aero Vodochody is historically the largest producer of military jet trainers in the world. It has delivered more than 11 thousand aircraft, hundreds of them are still flying on all continents. We are proud on excellent maneuverability of aircraft made in Aero and their ability to operate in all climatic contidions. 

Aero relies on the tradition and experience in the development and production of military aircraft started in 1919. The main source of skills was licensed production of Soviet jet aircraft of MiG family and almost sixty years of experience with development and manufacturing of four generations of military training jets and light combat aircraft.

Today, we focus on development of our two proprietary aircraft: L-159 light combat aircraft and L-39NG, new generation of the legendary jet trainer. Our capabilities also include maintenance, repair and upgrades of military jets produced by Aero. we also provide upgrades of civil aircraft, aviation testing and ground and flight personnel training.

Aero is certified with many valid approvals and type certificates for design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace technologies and ground and flight personnel training by Military Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic.