Changes in the management of Aero Vodochody

President and CEO of AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE Giuseppe Giordo leaves the company management after joint agreement with the shareholder Penta investment based on closure of initial phase of the company repositioning and the opening of new horizons for both. Current CFO Dieter John is taking over the Aero Vodochody management.

Dieter John has previously held executive managerial positions in international aerospace companies such as Astrium, Eurocopter, Airbus Group and most recently Bombardier Transportation and Management Consulting.

Under Giuseppe Giordo’s leadership, the company has finished the first phase of its strategic transformation, where it was focused on military production and has returned to the development and production of its own aircraft the L-39NG. Nowadays, AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE is internationally recognized player in a segment of jet trainers.

“Giuseppe Giordo has successfully introduced the L-39NG to the international aviation market. As a result of that, we have started a series production to have the first deliveries by 2020. We are fully  supporting the project”, said Marek Šmrha, Penta's manager responsible for Aero Vodochody.

Penta has been owner of Aero for more than 10 years. At the very beginning, Penta had saved the existence of the factory. By additional development of the company, Penta proved to be a responsible investor. Dieter John will now lead the second phase of transformation by continuing implementing the defined strategic roadmap and driving forward the transformation and growth agenda of Aero.


Tobiáš Tvrdík, PR manager, +420 731 624 842

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