Aero has a capability to produce fully assembled and equipped helicopter airframes ready for installation of dynamic parts (engines, gearbox, rotors). We are also capable to install avionic, hydraulic, electrical, and fuel systems and provide systems testing. For S-76 helicopter, Aero produces approximately 8,000 different parts and components, including tubing and wiring harnesses.

Capabilities in Rotorcraft assembly
  • Full assembly of helicopter airframe
  • Avionics, hydraulic, electric and fuel system installation
  • Tube manufacture and tube system installation
  • Electric wire harness manufacture and installation
  • Composites assembly
  • Fuselage assembly
  • Detail part fabrication, including aplication of special processes
  • All ground tests not requiring dynamic parts, including water, fuel, hydraulic and electric tests
  • Supply chain management
  • After-sales services, including repairs and spare parts sale