Aero has an extensive experience with production of major airframe assemblies, fully equipped and fully managed. Focusing on the development and advanced assembly with a high level of integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems goes hand in hand with the systematic development of outsourcing activities, especially in the areas of manufacturing of primary components and design and manufacturing of tooling, which will shift more and more to the supply chain in the years to come. Due to this fact Aero is able to flexibly set any assembly program and also it is distinguished by its on-time delivery. 

Since 2014, Aero uses automatic riveting machine for faster and more accurate assembly of the aircraft fuselage.

Main capabilities in fuselage parts assembly
  • Avionics, hydraulic, electric and fuel system installation
  • Tube manufacture and tube system installation
  • Electric wire harness manufacture and installation
  • Composites assembly
  • Fuselage assembly
  • Detail part fabrication, including aplication of special processes
  • All ground tests not requiring dynamic parts, including water, fuel, hydraulic and electric tests
  • Painting
  • After-sales services, including repairs and spare parts sale