Aero visits NATO Days for the first time as a general partner (VIDEO)

September 16–17, Ostrava: Leoš Janáček Airport held the largest security show in Central Europe - NATO Days in Ostrava & Air Force Days of the Czech Armed Forces. Visitors saw 60 aerial and ground demonstrations during the weekend. There were over 80 airplanes to see including Aircraft made by Aero.

Starting this year, Aero Vodochody is the general partner of NATO Days in Ostrava. The largest aerospace manufacturer in the Czech Republic has become a part of the fabulous military show for at least three years. Part of the Aero presentation was a static demonstration of the L-39CW, a re-engined version of the Albatros equipped with modern avionics. Aero plans to offer L-39CW version with Williams FJ44 engine to potential customers at the end of this year.

NATO Days in Ostrava visited about 90,000 aviation fans this year. Aero is proud to be part of this unique and very popular event. "NATO Days represents great opportunity to meet different delegations coming from all around the world, so it is very important for Aero to attend. We want to send the message, that we are here and we represent the best excellence of the Czech aeronautic industry", said President of Aero Giuseppe Giordo.


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