Aero moved to newly reconstructed building so called Pentagon (VIDEO)

The most visible building in the AERO Vodochody, which is also gateway to the company’s facility, was totally reconstructed. Entire management of the company and administrative staff moved to the modern premises.

The reconstruction of the “Pentagon” office building is part of the overall company relaunch plan which includes the restart of airplane production based on almost hundred years of tradition ,investments in infrastructure and several other initiatives launched internally like an improved welfare program and expanded development program for internal resources.

The “Pentagon” is now the new headquarter of the company. Thanks to the investment, the building is more energy-efficient, which has a positive effect on operating costs as well as on the environment. From the previous consumption of 262 kWh per square meter, “the Pentagon” reduced consumption to 165 kWh per square meter (a 37% saving). The energy efficiency of the whole area was also increased by the installation of a cogeneration unit. Cogeneration unit produces electricity and heat at the same time. The benefits are high-efficiency (up to 98%) and greenhouse gas emissions savings.


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