Our mission:

"Consolidate Aero as a global player in the aeronautics & defense market, internationally recognized as an original aircraft manufacturer competing also in the aerostructure business and generating value for our customers, partners, shareholders, employees and community."

Code of ethics and Anti-Corruption Code

Aero protects its heritage and legacy of the largest Czech aerospace manufacturer and one of the oldest aviation companies in the world by ensuring an outstanding reputation of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. We can ensure our legacy to survive for the next generations only by adhering to the highest standards of conduct in dealings with people, organizations and governments.

This Code of Ethics covers a wide range of business practices and procedures and it sets out basic principles of business integrity to guide Aero and to help foster a culture aiming at cultivating our brand every single day.

The purpose of the Anti-Corruption Code is to strengthen prevention structures and highlight the strict denial policy of the Company against any illegal business practices, in particular against corruption.

Export compliance

As a manufacturer of military and civil aircraft and their parts, AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. is involved in international trading activities with a range of civil and defense-related aerospace products and understands that strategically sensitive products and technology may be misused for purposes which are in conflict with efforts of the international community to maintain world peace and regional security. With this respect, Aero acknowledges its role and accepts the responsibility to protect goods and technology from countries of concern, to avoid engagement in illegal international transactions and to prevent any support to terrorist groups and other persons endangering global security.

Compliance with international trade controls is not only a legal and moral requirement but also a fundamental part of Aero’s company culture and a critical factor in ensuring sustainable development of its commercial activities.

Aero has adopted an Export Control Policy, which sets forth the strict requirement to be a social responsible company and comply with fundamental international trade principles, which relate to specific activities and transactions as well as to specific products, technology, purpose, use and destinations.

Aero complies with export and import regulations of the Czech Republic, the European Union and as a partner of companies based in the United States of America, Aero also ensures that export laws of the United States are complied with, even in transactions that do not directly involve American businesses. Aero shall not export its products to any embargoed countries, sanctioned entities or any areas where The European Union or the United Nations have applied sanction regimes. Aero is not involved in activities which are in violation of international policies of nuclear proliferation, missile technology, chemical and biological weapons, and landmines or conventional weapons which may cause excessive injuries or are indiscriminate by nature.

Aero screens its employees and business partners in order to verify than any transfers, deemed transfers and end use of its products and technology fully comply with the requirements of export control.